What is IMLicious

IMLicious is dedicated to helping people unleash their entrepreneurial spirit in the internet marketing space with a proven step by step formula for success. We will demonstrate how to create a website from scratch and turn it into a proper business with monetization.

This is done through 100s of easy to follow videos and write-ups. The website was started due to the struggles that we faced during the initial phases of our business. We aim to accelerate the growth of fellow entrepreneurs and create a supportive environment.

Lastly, the inspiration came during a recent trip to a refugee camp in Malaysia where we saw young kids who had lost all hopes of making a mark in their lives due to the status that they were carrying because of where they came from. Therefore, we wanted to do something that can add value to their lives and potentially help them to be self-sufficient through a business of their own in the internet space.

The IMLicious Model

Find Your WHY

Having a vision is the starting point of all success

Money Management

Learn to manage your finances as a business person

Niche Research

Identify a profitable niche for your business

Keyword Research

Identifying profitable products and topic ideas for your content

Content Creation

Writing your content in a way that engages your audience and add value to their lives

Domain Registration

Coming up with a brand name and a vision for your business

Web Hosting

Taking your website live on the world wide web

Launching Your Website On WordPress

Optimizing your website and publishing your content for maximum results

Build A List

Unleash the power of email marketing to build strong relationships with your clients and develop a long-term business

Traffic Generation

Drive targeted traffic through different channels