My Story

Originally trained as a Mechanical Engineer, my path took a turn after I was exposed to the possibilities of the Internet Industry upon reading an ebook titled “101 Ways To Make Money Online” for US$97 back in 2008 when I was serving the Army. 

I discovered that the internet industry provides a level-playing field for people to start their own business with a relatively low start-up cost and risk. I also realised that working for someone else is not a long-term solution as I am compensated by the position or rank that I held and not for my actual efforts during my time in the Army.

With a leap of faith, I decided to quit my university education and started my online business at the age of 22 with a goal to achieve financial independence at 30, followed by financial freedom at 40. 

However, I failed miserably in the first few years of starting my own business as I was not educated about the industry. With the passing of my father in late 2015 due to cancer followed by a near-death encounter in Jan 2016, I was at the crossroad of my life where I felt that I had lost everything in life. 

It was at that lowest point of my life, I happened to meet a successful entrepreneur in his 50s who has achieved financial independence in his own business. His belief in me and words of wisdom inspired me to recover from my setbacks and follow through on my goal of achieving financial freedom by the age of 40. 

That was when I decided to build this website to help people start an online business with the right framework and mindset.

A recent trip to a refugee camp in KL inspired me to follow through on this vision to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in people by helping them to be independent through a business of their own.

If you would like to find out how you can contribute to the kids in this refugee camp, please get in touch with me through the contact form.