About Me


Originally trained as an engineer, my path took a turn after I started exploring the internet industry while I was serving my National Service back in 2008. That was when I realised that it is possible for someone with no experience to start a business of their own and achieve their goals and dreams.

I bought an e-book 101 Ways to Make Money Online and experimented with various online money making strategies. That was when I stumbled upon affiliate marketing and found it a simple and effective way to start an online business of my own without heavy capital outlay like traditional businesses.

The first few years was a huge struggle as I had to learn everything from scratch. I bought online courses to learn, some were good while others were bad. Over the years, I have explored many resources and came up with a list of recommended resources that I would share with people who are just starting out to avoid the pitfalls that I had to go through.

I understand the pains of trying to figure things on our own and not having help from anyone. Therefore, I wanted to start this website, IM Licious, to help people who are just starting out or require specialised services to get a head start.

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